ILLuminice - Bio, Think-hop, Indie Rap Star, Future


Born in Toronto, Ontario, a musical sensation in his own right and self-proclaimed "cryptocurrency" of the game, Vishal Sethi aka Illuminice, hails from the home state of legends Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, Andrew Wiggins and Drake.

However, Illuminice grew up listening to the radio like every other kid but later got into buying up rare CDs of Christian Rappers starting with D.C. Talk and evolved into artists P. Diddy and Ma$e from Bad Boy Entertainment and Wu-Tang, each providing a unique mix of influences and rhythmic variety, propelling Illuminice to his own unique blend of Triton Le beats with powerful, dynamic multi-syllabic moments of candor in full display on his "On the Grind: ILLA-Allumination " album.

Before the "On The Grind: ILLA-Allumination " album in 11th grade, Illuminice wrote his first full song, before turning to God and Christian Hop-Hop.

After a trip to Trinidad and Tobago, Illuminice got accepted into York University, where he wrote papers on the future of Rap and sometimes performed in his classes. He learned to journal thoughts, ideas and poetry, and this rich source material became most influential in his steady musical development.

He held a night job slinging hamburgers to pay for a flight to Miami to record his first demo with his cousin at Ocean View Studio. Although, acting runs in his family bloodlines, cousin Anand's declaration in 1994 that the two would become "Christian Rappers" came to pass. Their group was M-3EP, Millennium Third Eye Peripheral. Illuminice took their demo to Beat Factory Records and they were immediately asked if they'd go on tour. As a group, they weren't interested at that time because they felt their value was much higher than the record company could pay them.

Later, Illuminice went down to Much Music one evening in downtown Toronto. Charlie Baltimore said he had a "smooth hustle". Illuminice freestyled in front of Camron and a rep from Def Jam who asked for his demo. In no time, Illuminice drove with a friend straight to Manhattan and dropped off a demo in the hands of Russell Simmons at the Def Jam office in New York with high hopes.

Illuminice soon recorded on his own under assorted monickers -- Medicine, Sleeveless and most naturally, Illuminice -- recording an album which holds much promise today. His popularity as Illuminice is steadily soaring.

He worked at a car dealership and purchased a Korg-Triton Le synth keyboard and began producing simple beats for his first Album and dragged his 40-pound keyboard downtown after teaming up with Silverbirch Productions Owner, Andy Krehm.

Next, Illuminice hooked up with Terry Sawchuk who recorded and mixed his "Illuminice -- On the Grind: ILLA-Allumination " Album. Terry had previously worked with Alanis Morresette and Canadian alt-rockers Our Lady Peace, two powerful music icons he enjoyed listening to on the radio growing up.

The "On the Grind" Album was finished and mastered by Andy Krehm in 2004, and Illuminice had undergone a shift into a deeper spiritual life.

After experiencing his spiritual side, Illuminice came to realize that after writing 100s of songs, he needed to complete and make something out of the "On The Grind" Album. He is confident in his belief that "all things work together for Good for those that love the Lord" (Romans 8:28).

Illuminice has achieved prominence freestyling in the street and in classes back in high school and university and battling online.  But now his purpose is clear: Illuminice's goal and primary purpose, today, is to infiltrate the hearts of youth and men alike to become more patient, giving, caring, joyful, loving, kind, faithful, gentle and self-controlled. He would like to take his music further to the masses and introduce his audience to the benefits of living a good life.

"I'm not a Cat in the Hat, Doctor Zuess, Mother Goose, simple-minded rapper. I' ve been in the business a long time. I don't have a rags to riches story to broadcast. I was born in wealth with a big house and a condo in West Palm Beach to spend school vacations. I can't relate to the struggles of Biggie Smalls. I can relate to struggling through school, being a minority in an Italian neighborhood and feeling lost my entire life until finding God and Hip-Hop. Youth are looking to fill their own voids and most media and modern Hip-Hop answer by leaving the generation more lost. The game doesn't need a cashier. It need to be decentralized from decadence and hedonism and I'm bringing the cryptocurrency,"says Illuminice and expect his value to soar like Bitcoin did in 2013. Illuminice's 14 track, 40 plus minute debut album tells a story through the lens of a Christian finding common ground with the Hip-Hop community and birthing a relationship that should last for several records and benefit both parties involved. Tupac would be proud! There's no degrading of women or ethnicities in his record. Illuminice would be the first to admit, he never thought he could make it this far without a record contract but intends to pursue advancement in his music career through his own label, “Illuminice Records,” independently.

The artist name Illuminice was birthed out of an interest and a desire to spread awareness of Secret Societies in America and to illuminate.  After a drive on the car-pool lane on Interstate-95 in South Florida one Sunday afternoon, a police officer pulled Illuminice over and asked if he knew about the Masonic symbol on the back of his vehicle; after Illuminice confirmed that he did know, the officer let him go without a ticket - such is the power of illumination and of being yourself.